New Video: "MOJO SO DOPE" - Kid Cudi

martedì 30 novembre 2010
Sembrava impossibile che KID CUDI potesse compiere la magia di realizzare un album degno del disco d'esordio; invece è stato così e con "Man on the moon 2: The legend of Mr. Rager" la sua figura si è definitivamente cementata nell'astro celeste dei "best famous". Il video della bella song "mojo so dope" non è altro che una sequela delle sue avventure prima/dopo i concerti e nei momenti di relax. Buon divertimento

[...]I live through words not metaphors / So I passed to be the rest of the freshmen / Playful tough talk / Often the fave till I came to park heart / And said true things / A whole new legion of some n-ggas / Aiming high pass the idea slangin / Praise Allah for keeping me awake man / I lot of my n-ggas fell victim to the dope game / Some things will never be same / Wish I could tell my brother something for some motivation / And get him out that gutter / He's leaving behind a family and a mother / Damn you must understand when I speak about a song its how I really am
Yeah this is how I really think / You could see what I see, yes I really wink / Yes I really drink / I really do rage my demons at the cage / By most of the day before I became the age to even wage / I was drowning them sorrows with some more E n-gga [...]

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