domenica 21 novembre 2010
La più easy delle domeniche decidiamo di passarla con i JJ, duo svedese esperto in riarraggiamenti in chiave indie-rock di noti brani hip-hop a stelle e strisce; guardate il nuovo video di Joakim Benon e Elin Kastlander, si chiama "You know" ed è il modo migliore per conlcudere serenamente la settimana.

I don't know why / I think I'm falling in love /I just found out / I don't know what to do / I could have done it 4000 days or so / Just one single minute so you know
I love you so in my dreams at night / Your visions are sharp shining and bright / I tried to tell my friends, but they think I'm insane / When you're around, theres no need to explain.
I've been around, and so have you to flow / But now I've found that you have other people I've met / I keep following you to places / I've already been to -- still feels new.

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